Serafim Kailas

Project Manager

Serafim stands as one of CBS Builders’ longest-serving employees, having commenced his career as a Construction Cadet. His enduring commitment and extensive knowledge in construction and project delivery underscore his well-earned success, positioning him as an integral member of the Senior Management team.

Meticulous and methodical in his approach, Serafim has effectively overseen the delivery of key projects for CBS Builders. With a focus on collaboration, ingenuity, and a sharp eye for detail, his robust construction knowledge and commitment to project cost-effectiveness have been instrumental in the success of CBS Builders.

Devoted to client service, Serafim is known for providing practical and viable solutions that consistently exceed expectations, aligning with the distinctive “CBS Builders way” to deliver a superior product. His dedication to excellence and client satisfaction is evident in his role as a key contributor to the company’s success.

Serafim holds a Certificate IV in Building and Construction, along with a Diploma of Building and Construction, further solidifying his credentials and obligation to the industry.

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