Our Story

CBS Builders was founded in 2009 with a people focussed approach displaying the values of our founder, Jim Athos.

CBS Builders is renowned for its attentive listening, unwavering integrity, transparent communication, and innovative thinking. We firmly believe in cultivating partnerships and aligning expectations to foster a clear and unified vision for collaborative projects.

Adopting a flat organisational structure, we ensure that our doors are always open, encouraging cooperation and transparent communication. This approach is integral to providing exceptional value to our clients. Our consistent prioritisation of clients and delivery partners emphasises our commitment to delivering a dedicated and personalised approach to building.

Our senior management team comprises seasoned industry professionals with extensive experience and stellar reputations. The success of CBS Builders is directly attributable to their diverse capabilities and expertise, as evidenced by the successful delivery of multifaceted projects across Sydney.

Our Philosophy

At CBS Builders, our philosophy is both straightforward and exacting: to instil transparency, unity, and excellence into every project.



The foundation for eliminating stress, friction, and financial surprises is laid with full disclosure—from project initiation to completion. CBS Builders is unwavering in its belief in open, collaborative projects, proudly showcasing our meticulous processes.



Human ingenuity thrives in harmony. The senior management team at CBS Builders possesses the understanding and knowledge to collaboratively solve problems and provide constructive solutions by working together. We prioritise establishing connections with clients and delivery partners to successfully fulfil projects.



At CBS Builders, we craft the vision for our clients. Every member of our team, including our dedicated personnel, consultants, and contractors, is propelled by the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Community Engagement

CBS Builders proactively cultivates partnerships within both local and international communities, driven by a philanthropic willingness to effect positive social change.

Our engagement encompasses various initiatives, including supporting charitable endeavours through fundraising, collaborating with industry partners, and devoting our time to sharing knowledge with emerging leaders of the industry. Our enduring dedication is centred on making meaningful contributions and fostering a sense of responsibility to give back to local and international communities.

Our active involvement in local and international communities includes:

Work Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality

At CBS Builders, the integration of Work Health and Safety, Environmental, and Quality (WHSEQ) principles forms the foundation of our daily operations. In an industry characterised by dynamism and fluidity, we actively implement, monitor, and update WHSEQ practices and initiatives. This serves as a testament to our steadfast commitment and dedication to meeting objectives consistently.

Work health and safety holds paramount importance at CBS Builders. It is not merely a concept we understand; rather, we actively embody it. Supported by a robust culture and a commitment to preventing work-related injuries, we employ effective procedures and practices that promote safety across all facets of our operations. Our primary goal is to ensure the well-being and safety of every team member, contractor, client, and delivery partner, ensuring their safe return from our sites each day. Having fulfilled the requirements outlined in the NSW Government Work, Health, and Safety Management Sydney Guidelines, we proudly maintain current OHSM Accreditation.

At CBS Builders, we steadfastly apply successful environmental practices and procedures to uphold the integrity of the environment. In the ever-evolving built environment, we actively strive to embrace the reduction of environmental impacts during construction. Through the implementation of sustainable building practices and methods, we actively work towards decreasing environmental effects throughout each project's lifecycle. Our focus remains on promoting sustainable outcomes for our clients and ensuring the longevity of each project. CBS Builders proudly holds current accreditation from the NSW Government for Environmental Management System.

In our commitment to excellence, CBS Builders places great emphasis on meticulous attention to detail. The assurance we provide in delivering superior projects is a direct result of our partnerships with reputable consultants and contractors who understand and meet our high expectations. Driven by the relentless pursuit of excellence, we achieve quality assurance through the implementation of a robust quality management system.

Our comprehensive framework ensures that all regulatory and stakeholder requirements are not only identified but carefully implemented and maintained throughout every project. Given our commitment to excellence, CBS Builders proudly holds current accreditation from the NSW Government for our Quality Management System.

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