Jim Athos

Founder & Managing Director

With an illustrious career spanning over 30 years and fuelled by a continued passion for building, Jim stands as the driving force behind CBS Builders’ success. His commitment to fostering long-term partnerships is at the core of the company’s achievements.

Since the inception of CBS Builders in 2009, Jim has provided the vision and direction that transformed the company into a trusted building partner. His primary objective revolves around building the confidence and trust of clients, laying the foundation for the delivery of high-calibre projects.

Leveraging his extensive knowledge and profound understanding of construction principles, Jim excels in implementing the fundamentals of building practices. He focuses on executing practical strategies and methods to lead and deliver projects with resolve, consistently maintaining optimal outcomes. Jim’s central ethos centres around his clients, ensuring that performance is upheld to achieve the highest standards.

Instrumental in the day-to-day operations of CBS Builders, Jim adopts an honest, pragmatic, patient, and people-centric approach to extract the best from his team. This approach is evident in the successful and wholesome delivery of every project. Jim holds a Certificate IV in Building and Construction and a Diploma of Building and Construction, further affirming his commitment to excellence in the field.

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